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Endo Watch

  • PRICE: 1200.00
  • MOQ: 1
  • STOCK:  Available
  • CATEGORY:Endo Watch
  • BRAND:Denext


Product Details

Endo watch is a sleek wrist band for organizing and cleaning endodontic and rotary files. It is aimed to make endodontic working flow easier and smoother and helps improving efficiency and ergonomics of routine endodontic therapy, both for the clinician who works alone and the one who is hepled by an assitant. It is composed by an easy - adjustable and comfortable to wear silicone wrist band that can be worn by the clinician or the assistant and can be autoclaved after use. It comes with an autoclavable foam inserts (white), dedicated to the storage and cleaning of rotary and hand files. The Endo Watch is flexible, comfortable to wear and autoclavable after use. It is equipped with five spaces to accomodate a complete sequence of rotary files. Manual and rotary files can be always kept in order in this compact caddy. Two millimetric rulers allow right or left handed users to easily measure and set the rubber stopper to working length.

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