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Colourful Uv Chamber With 12 Steel Trays

  • PRICE: 5199.00
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  • CATEGORY:Colourful Uv Chamber With 12 Steel Trays
  • BRAND:Denext


Product Details

DENEXT COLOURFUL UV CHAMBER is epoxy coated Ultraviolet chamber with 12 tray capacity. DENEXT introduces UltraViolet Chambers with advanced technology and enhancedability for maintaining the sterlization after the instruments have been sterilized by autoclave or sterilizer. It is equipped with high quality Ultraviolet Light for its effective functioning. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: UV Cabinet Size(Complete) Dimensions Length 56cm. Breadth 30cm. Height 20cm. UV Chamber Size Length 52cm. Breadth 23cm. Height 15cm. steel Tray (Autoclavable) Length 24cm. Breadth 15cm. Depth 1.5cm.

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