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IRON Air Scaler with 3 tips

  • PRICE: 3500.00
  • MOQ: 1
  • STOCK:  Available
  • CATEGORY:IRON Air Scaler with 3 tips
  • BRAND:Denext


Product Details

DENEXT AIR SCALER is a sonic device with less amplitude as compared to Ultrasonic devices With compressed air driven instrument with the integrated water spray outlet. Stylish Design and Comfortable Handling Less heat generation during operation so less cooling water used Less Pain than ultrasonic Scaler,more applicable for pain sensitive patients Air driven with Borden 2-hole connection compatible with most dental chairs Three different size tips can be used for requirements Autoclavable at 121℃ effectively to avoid the cross infection 3 Scaler Tips (G1 , G2, G4)

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