API Crown Remover Kit Original


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It Is Provided With An Adjustable Intensity Of The Impulses And That Is Also By Twisting The Round Serrated Nut. It Considered As An Instruments Used For Easy Removal Of Fixed As Well As Temporary Crowns And Bridges. Its Handling Is Simple And Can Easily Be Operated By Single Hand. All The Parts Are Made Of Using Premium Quality Stainless Steel.


  • The Crown Remover Is A Spring-Loaded Mechanical Device To Remove The Bonded Crowns And Bridges By An Intensive Impulse.
  • Spring Loaded Crown Remover With 8 Tips And A Wrench.
  • Special Tip For Bridge Removing
  • Impulse Strength Is Controllable
  • Eight Different Designs Of Tips Allow Engaging In Different Places Of Crown Margins.
  • It Has A Special Steel String That Can Be Pulled Underneath The Bridge And Engaged In The Rectangular Tip When An Impulse Is
  • Applied To It Pulls Out The Bridge.
  • Impulse Strength Should Be Lowered For Root Treated Teeth.
  • For Permanent Removal Of Crowns By Breaking The Seal Between Tooth And Crown Even After Sectioning With A Bur.
  • The Setting Of The Impulse To A Higher Level Can Break The Underlying Tooth. Be Careful.

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