Collin 20 Ultrasonic Cleaner (WOSON)


Product Description

The Woson ultrasonic washers have a bold design and are very robust. The high-impact injected ABS fairing, the sealing of the edges of the tank against the penetrati

About This Product

Interactivity And Versatility
  • Operate With Ultrasonic Power Of 35,000 Hz For Efficient Removal Of Adhering Or Deep Dirt From The Instruments.
  • Degassing Function Enhances And Improves The Cleaning Action Of Ultrasonic Waves.
  • Heating Of The Liquid Inside The Tank Favors The Removal Of The Deep Dirt Of The Material By The Action Of The Ultrasonic Waves.
  • Efficient Auxiliary Decontamination Of Materials To Autoclave.
  • Accompanies High Resistance ABS Baskets, With Support For Instrument Handling.


  • Control Panel With Capacitive Sensor That Is Durable, Reliable And Resistant To Water And Strong Chemical Substances;
  • Integrated Circuit And Moisture-Proof Electronic Board, Capable Of Operating In Several Working Environments With Better Anti-Interference Performance;
  • Cooling Cooler With Heat Dissipation Indicated For Continuous Operations;
  • Wall With 4mm Thickness And Grooves For Better Impact Performance And Waterproof;
  • Thermal Protection At 65 ° C Against Overheating;
  • 5 Pre-Programmed Temperatures;
  • Automatic Heating Interruption Due To Lack Of Water;
  • Adjustable Timer For 1 -30 Minutes;
  • 60W High Efficiency Ultrasonic Transducer;
  • Ceramic Heater Of 100W;
  • Holds Items Up To 26cm Wide;
  • Drain Valve At The Bottom For Easy Access;
  • Degasification Function;
  • Independent On / Off Switch;
  • Removable Power Cable And Ideal For Transportation, Storage And Use;
  • Contains Plastic Basket;
  • Removable Cover

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